Looking at these old pictures helps me see how far I have come with my weight loss.

They also help remind me to keep up my healthy lifestyle, so I won't become so obese again. I also hope these pictures help you to see that you can do it too!



This is a head shot from when
I was close to my heaviest weight. - June 2002

My face from June 2002

Here's a lovely snapshot I took myself late in 2001.

The red shirt picture was taken Fall of 2000 for a passport photo.
The blue shirt picture was was when I got back into my size 22 jeans!

This lovely "side-view" shot was taken when making Lefse!

Christmas 2001

Here is a great picture from my senior year at college
when I dyed my hair blue! - Spring 2001

Blue Hair!

A playful plus-size pose from my past.

Beach whale pose; width: 569px; height: 


My husband and I dancing at a wedding. - April, 2001
I was twice his size.

This is a picture of me, Starr Ahrens,
and my sister Becky from Summer 2001.
I am nearly as big as both of them together!

Starr, Becky, and Me - Summer 2001

Christmas 2001

Christmas 2001

Christmas 2001

See what I look like now!!

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